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A Leader In Their Field

Eric Chiasson | Denver Transit Partners | Northwest/Goldline Area Engineer - Construction

Maybe a little more insight as to how HTM operates in comparison with their competitor (let’s just call them Company A) on this project, both companies made a presentation to our management team at bid time. Company A had a group of professionals with them with a power point presentation and AutoCAD documents with options and approaches.  HTM showed up with just their owner / engineer, and their general manager, and just said “We’ll do what we said we’ll do.  What else do you want to know?”  Ames and HTM have a good history together, so this presentation (or lack-there-of) didn’t surprise me, but the rest of our management looked at each other thinking “Is this all they have to say?”  They require very little support.  They roll with the punches very well.  They’re consistent.  Their crews have been with them for a long time typically.  Their equipment is always in good shape.  They’re not perfect, but don’t let their simplicity dissuade you from considering them.  Company A, although cheaper on some structures, required a lot of support and the quality of their work caused issues.  HTM’s did not.  The fact that all this above comes with competitive pricing makes me look forward to our next project with them.